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I strive to be thorough, always aware, and unceasingly creative. My design process is research and user driven, starting long before hitting the computer. I believe that the journey to a unique and successful solution begins with a pencil and paper in hand. Every design problem I tackle makes me that much more prepared for the next.



If you catch me off-duty, I might be lakeside (weather permitting in the Mitten State) or playing trucks and trains with my little brothers whom I love to death. Maybe I'm bias, but I think I'm pretty thoughtful and hard-working, with a positive outlook on life. These traits carry over into my design life too, I promise.

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Adobe Creative Suite
Web Design
Brand Identity
Digital Photography
Information Hierarchy
Design Principles
Design Process
Client Communication

Also familiar with:
HTML, CSS, jQuery
Package Design
Hand Drawn Type


Design Project Center

August 2013••May 2014
Big Rapids, MI

As a Graphic Design Intern, I col-
laborated on a team of three to plan, design, and implement the digital experience for the West Michigan Graphic Design Archives. This opportunity exposed me to client meetings and presentations, user research, and content man-
agement systems.
Technical collaboration with:
Scott Krieger, Peopledesign
Grant Carmichael
Mighty in the Midwest.

TechSmith Corporation

May 2013••August 2013
Okemos, MI

As a User Experience Design Intern, I gained experience working on a team, participating in meetings, and communicating with develop-
ers. I spent my days scribbling on whiteboards, building wireframes, and cranking out rapid prototypes.

The Rock Cafe

January 2011••May 2014
Big Rapids, MI

My days as a dishwasher, server,
and custodian taught me the
meaning of hard work.


May 2011••August 2011
Battle Creek, MI

As an Art Studio Intern, I organized
a weekly summer arts and crafts
program for underprivileged youth.
With my team, I traveled to various
parks in the area to share my love
of paint, glue, and all things messy.


Ferris State University

August 2010••May 2014
Big Rapids, MI

Bachelor of Science,
Graphic Design
Cum Laude
3.66 GPA
Dean’s List 2010-13
Dean’s Scholarship 2010-14

Supplementary studies:

Marshall Academy

September 2006••June 2010
Marshall, MI

4.0 GPA

& Involvement

AIGA West Michigan Member

October 2010••present

Active and eager to volunteer!

Ferris State University AIGA Student Group

January 2013••January 2014

Vice President

September 2013••May 2014

Peer Mentor

September 2012••December 2012

Event Chair



AIGA Headquarters
Conduit Studios
Cranbrook Academy of Arts
Custom Printers
Grand Rapids Art Museum
Graphic Specialties
Grip Design
Herman Miller
Kendall Dow Center FlexLab
Louise Fili Ltd.
Metropolitan Museum
Museum of Modern Art


Charles S. Anderson
Ray Brown
Rob Carter & Sandy Wheeler
Nick Dean
Design Army
Mike Gorman
Katia Küthe of Kate Spade
Charlie McGrath
Doug Powell
Patrick Robinson
Tom Sieu
Martin Venezky
Terrance Weinzierl

SEEK Design Conference

November 2011 & 2013
Debbie Millman, Sean Adams,
Bob Faust, Danny Yount, The Post Family, Aaron Draplin, Stefan Sag-
meister, Victor Saad, Quite Strong, Firebelly, Thirst, & Knoed Creative

Hands On

SiTE:LAB Letterpress
2012 & 2014 AIGA West Michigan
aStudent Portfolio Review
Paul Sizer: How to Draw Like a aDesigner

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